2019 National Trails Day

National Trails Day is celebrated on the first Saturday in June and recognizes all the incredible benefits federal, state and local trails provide for recreation and exposure to nature. Events held throughout the United States help promote awareness of the wide variety of services the trail systems offer. National Trails Day encourages people to discover their local trails, become active concerning trail issues, and share their excitement for the outdoors.

National Trails Day is also an opportunity to thank the many volunteers, land agencies, trail developers,  park employees, rangers for their help in developing and maintaining the trails.


Explore local trails in THE LINK. Visit THE LINK trail listing to select your trail destination. When possible, take a friend and try something new. Try a new trail, a new activity or introduce someone new to an activity you enjoy.  Use #NationalTrailsDay and #ExploreTHELINK to post on social media.

Prefer an event or a group trail excursion? Check out these local organizations holding events:


The American Hiking Society sponsors National Trails Day. For more information, go to National Trails Day.