Who Is Involved?

THE LINK is made up of and supported by a growing coalition of Lehigh Valley trails, nonprofit organizations, regional partners, and volunteer groups committed to providing our area with a valuable resource we can all take advantage of.


THE LINK’s vision is to connect a wide variety of existing multi-use trails throughout the Lehigh Valley. Many of these trails are listed here and several more are being built or are proposed for the future. Each of these trails brings something special and unique to THE LINK.

Don’t see your trail? Click here to see how your trail can become part of the connection that is THE LINK.


Through the ongoing support of local businesses, schools and universities, healthcare providers, nonprofit groups, and other regional organizations, THE LINK can continue to flourish while providing these partners with a connection to an invaluable resource.Interested in becoming a trail partner? Click here to see how you can support THE LINK.


THE LINK Steering Committee is the driving force in unifying our region’s trails. The Steering Committee is made up of leaders from nonprofit and government groups with a vested interest in the preservation of the Lehigh Valley’s natural resources, and the health and well-being of our community.