Alternative Transportation

Travel and commute by trail!

The last thing we need is more cars on the road in the Lehigh Valley. Walking or biking to work or other destinations via THE LINK is a great way to cut down on emissions and traffic, build exercise into your day, and spend more time outside.

Trail travel has proven to be a viable part of progressive cultures within many metro areas across the country. By making THE LINK a part of our daily lives we stand to make a permanent shift in the way we think about getting from one place to another.

Alternative Transportation Benefits

Non-motorized transportation is also a great benefit to individuals who cannot afford a car or may be looking to cut down on the expense of public transportation.

  • A viable non-motorized travel alternative for many Lehigh Valley residents—walk or bike to work!
  • Provides direct local travel to cities, towns, outdoor destinations, shopping and dining, sporting events, attractions, and festivals
  • Connects to public transportation hubs (LANTA, etc.)
  • The opportunity to become part of a more progressive, health-oriented culture
  • An expanding and improving biking infrastructure (more bike racks, public bathrooms, ongoing transportation planning, etc.)
  • Future connections may include direct links to large companies; health networks; and additional urban, suburban, and rural communities