Economy & Property Values

Trails stimulate the local economy.

Every day, THE LINK improves both the physical and economic health of the Lehigh Valley—by connecting people and business, by encouraging commerce, by attracting new employers and job-seekers, and by increasing property values.

  • THE LINK provides a direct connection to local businesses along the trails or short distances away, providing people with convenient access to restaurants, retail shops, attractions, and lodging
  • THE LINK establishes the Lehigh Valley as a premier outdoor recreation destination among out-of-the-area populations, boosting tourist spending in our region
  • THE LINK is a great way to get to work—and keep employees healthier and more productive
  • THE LINK increases the local sale of trail-related hard goods (bikes, running and walking gear, etc.), soft goods (food, beverages, services and rentals, etc.), and overnight accommodations related to outdoor recreation activities
  • THE LINK creates and provides jobs that are part of and/or related to outdoor recreation
  • THE LINK helps attract a younger, more active workforce to the Lehigh Valley by offering a progressive culture and employer-sponsored health/wellness programs
  • THE LINK is a valuable tool for regional economic development initiatives and can help attract large new businesses to the region
  • THE LINK substantially increases property values of homes located in close proximity to the trails, as well as the overall value of the region's housing market