Health & Wellness

Trails improve the health of our local population.

THE LINK is a safe, convenient opportunity for residents of the Lehigh Valley to lead healthier lifestyles, encourage others to do the same, and be part of a more active, outdoors-oriented community.

  • THE LINK provides a free, accessible exercise option for people of all fitness levels and all ages
  • The entire family can reap the physical and mental benefits of biking, walking, or running on THE LINK
  • THE LINK is a great tool to use in conjunction with community health initiatives addressing obesity, diabetes, heart health, etc.
  • Using THE LINK as both a means of exercise and a form of alternative transportation is a way to reduce sedentary lifestyles—why drive when you can walk or bike?
  • THE LINK can educate young generations on the benefits of a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle
  • The preservation of green space and the reduction of emissions means better air quality for all of us—key to healthier breathing
  • Regular exercise and contact with nature contribute to a healthier population and help reduce healthcare costs
Health & Wellness