Slate Heritage Trail

The Slate Heritage Trail, a 3.3 mile "Rails-to-Trails" project, utilizes the former Lehigh Valley Railroad right-of-way that was operational from 1874 until 1947. From the junction with the D&L Trail at the Slatington's Main Street Trailhead, the Slate Heritage Trail winds west through Washington Township and Emerald, and ends in Slatedale, at the Citizens Fire Company athletic fields.

Trail patrons will utilize a total of four bridges while on the Slate Heritage Trail. There is an original trestle bridge that was restored, two prefabricated pedestrian bridges that were placed by dedicated volunteers, and the Trout Run Covered Bridge that was built from the ground up and dedicated in 2004.

Trail Access Points

Slatington Main St Trailhead

(near 91 Main St, Slatington, PA)

Parking: 15+ spaces

Amenities: Restrooms, pavilion, picnic tables, bike rack, bike repair station


Slatington 7th St Trailhead

(near 7800 7th St, Slatington, PA)

Parking: 5+ spaces

Amenities: Restrooms, picnic tables, bike rack


Slatedale Fire Company Trailhead

(3922 Main St, Slatedale, PA)

Parking: 5+ spaces

Amenities: Restrooms


Length of open improved trail
3.3 miles
Width of Trail
Trail Surface
Asphalt, Crushed Stone/Cinder
Maximum Grade
Trail Type
Public Restroom Details

All three trailheads (Slatington Main St, Slatington 7th St, and Slatedale Fire Company) have flush toilets available seasonally from April to November. 

Connected Trails
Municipalities Connected
Slatington Borough and Washington Township (includes towns of Slatedale and Emerald)
Trail Rules

- 24 hour access

- Carry out garbage

- Pets must be leashed and owners must pick up after pets

Notices and Safety Information

- Slatington Police and PA State Police patrol the trail. 

- Use common sense for safety. 


For more information, visit the Slate Heritage Trail website -

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