Ironton Rail-Trail

The former Ironton Railroad, which serviced many Iron and Cement companies, has been transformed into a multi-use, safe, historic, year - round recreational resource for local residents and visitors. The Ironton Rail-Trail (IRT) provides a link between the local municipalities of Whitehall Township, Borough of Coplay, and North Whitehall Township and some of their recreational areas (12 parks) in addition to future plans to connect to the D&L Trail.

The Ironton Rail-Trail right-of-way was purchased by Whitehall Township in 1996 from Conrail for the purpose of maintaining its historical significance as well as to provide an open space greenway for local area citizens & visitors to use and enjoy. Volunteer delegates from the 3 municipalities comprise the IRT Oversight Commission who manage and maintain the IRT with support from the municipalities.

The 9.2 mile paved IRT follows the Coplay Creek in a south eastward direction from North Whitehall through the 110 acre natural Whitehall Parkway to where the creek flows under SR 145. Here the IRT turns east toward the historic Saylor Cement Kilns and then south paralleling the Lehigh River. The IRT then turns in a northwesterly direction where it again follows the Coplay Creek under SR 145 to form a unique 5.3 mile paved loop. More than 25 historic landmarks are narrated in a semi-annual Historical Walk. IRT sponsored charity events raise $100,000 annually.

Trail Access Points

3853 Chestnut St. Whitehall
Parking: 30 spaces
ADA Parking: 2 spaces
Amenities: Pavilion, picnic tables, info kiosk, water fountain, toilet, bike repair station

Portland and Quarry Sts. N. Whitehall
Parking: 20 spaces
ADA Parking: 2 spaces
Amenities: Info kiosk, toilet

Levans Road
3256 Levans Road, Coplay
Parking: 30 spaces
ADA Parking: 2 spaces
Amenities: Pavilion, picnic tables, info kiosk, toilet

Length of open improved trail
9.2 miles
Length of future planned trail
0.9 miles
Future Trail Plans

Connect to D&L Trail in Cementon and Allentown. Connect by RR bridge to Nor-Bath Trail. Connect to Jordan Greenway by Levans Road to Trexler Preserve. Extend trail through Grouse Hall Fish and Game property to Ballietsville.

Width of Trail
Trail Surface
Maximum Grade
Trail Type
Public Restroom Details

Location: All 3 Trailheads    
Type: port-a-john
Availability: year-round

Points of Interest

Ruins of Iron and Cement buildings
All 3 Municipalities
Category: Historic site

Iron Ore Quarries
Ironton, N. Whitehall
Category: Historic site

Limestone Quarries
All 3 Municipalitics
Category: Historic site

Whitehall Parkway, IRR yard
Category: Environmental, historic site

Combine RR Car
Whitehall Parkway
Category: Historic site

Fort Deshler
Category: Historic site

IRR Caboose
Main Trailhead, Whitehall
Category: Historic site

Block Phone Booth
Category: Historic site

Giant Super Market, Restaurants
2nd & Chestnut Sts, Coplay
Category: Food, Beverage, Restroom

Saylor Cement Kilns, boxcar wheels display
Category: Historic site

Thomas Iron Works
Category: Historic site

Biery IRR Yard, Boxcar Wheels display
Category: Historic site

Pizza, Mini-Mart, Subway
Lehigh St Trail Bridge
Category: Food, Beverage, Restroom

Municipalities Connected
Borough of Coplay, North Whitehall Township, Whitehall Township
Trail Rules
  • Open from dawn to dusk daily.
  • Uses include; walking, jogging, bicycling, cross-country skiing, skating, nature study and wheelchairs.
  • 12 MPH speed limit for bikes.
  • Keep dogs leashed and remove all feces. 
  • Share the trail with all users. Keep to right.
  • NO trespassing on adjacent private property.
  • NO horses or motorized vehicles with the exception of e-wheelchairs and e-bikes.
  • NO illegal drugs, firearms or alcoholic beverages are permitted. 
  • NO fires or camping, hunting or trapping.
  • NO dumping or littering. Use trash receptacles. 
Notices and Safety Information

For more information about the Ironton Rail-Trail Oversight Commission or events on the trail, visit

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